What is the function of different types of filter cartridges in Aqua Ultra Water purifiers?

Different types of filter cartridges are present in Aqua Ultra Water purifiers. These help in prolonging the life of membrane and to improve water quality in terms of taste and mineral content. External Sediment Filter consists of spun PP and filters dirt, dust or other large sized suspended particles. Antiscalant balls. These are poly phosphate balls, which help to remove scaling and inorganic fouling. These reduce membrane cleaning requirements, thus enhancing domestic RO system performance. In addition to inhibiting carbonate and phosphate scale, antiscalants inhibit sulfate and fluoride scales, disperse colloids and metal oxides. Magnetic Softener utilizes strong magnetic fields that cause an electron excitation to occur in water. As water flows past these magnets, the molecules are aligned into a uniformed directional field. Water regains its solvency and will not allow minerals to form hard crystals of scale. In- line Sediment filter, which is made of spun PP of smaller pore size and filters smaller suspended particles. Pre-carbon filter, which consists of Granular or Block Activated Carbon. These have very high surface area and remove contaminants through adsorption, a process in which dissolved contaminants adhere to the surface of the carbon particles. Activated carbon filter can remove organic impurities and chlorine. They are very effective in removing tastes and odors. Post carbon filter comprising of Nano silver impregnated activated carbon block. Silver is a bacteriostatic agent, which inhibits growth of bacteria in the carbon media. The post carbon filter is also known as polisher and enhances taste of water. Mineral cartridge, which consist of mineral balls to replenish the essential minerals in water and antibacterial balls which inhibit the bacterial growth.