About Us

Aqua Ultra is a leading manufacturer of water purifying products delivering high quality and affordable water purifiers. We started our journey in 2006 from Bhuj, located in Gujarat State and now we have numerous satisfied customers in many states of India. We offer a range of water purifiers and accessories.

Our body needs reliable supply of fresh water. There are many water purification traditional methods followed but it can’t remove impurities properly. Even tap water said to be treated before supplied to us contains many contaminants. At Aqua Ultra, we understand the importance of pure water for a better healthy life and hence we are using latest technologies to produce water purifier that removes such impurities and make water purest to drink. Our water purifier extracts harmful bacteria and impurity from natural water which is usually heavily contaminated and not recommended to consume directly. We use RO+UV+UF+TDS+ALKALINE technologies and also follow high technology industry standards of quality in manufacturing water purifiers.

Customer has always been at the center of our business. We are passionate to deliver excellence and ensure satisfaction. Our experts craft products carefully with putting extra efforts to produce unmatched and best water purifiers.

Our systems are easy to install and convenient to use. We have achieved a high level customer trust with our quality products, exceptional services and warranty. Our motto is to deliver excellence and come up with quality products to ensure happiness and wellness of our customer families.