Pacific RO+UF+TDS+B12 Technology Water Purifier

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Presenting New Generation Aqua Ultra® (An ISO Certified Reg, Trademark Co.) Ultra Smart Low Maintenance Water Purifier, In which there Is RO+11W UV(OSRAM, Made In Italy) with An advance alkaline, B12 Technology though which you can get 100% pure and healthy water. 80GPD Imported RO Membrane and 100GPD Booster Pump Gives you the output of 12 to 15LPH, it works up to 2000TDS level and gives 15000Liters of filtration Life, There Is Manual TDS Controller through which you can adjust the TDS according to your taste, food grade water storage tank in which there is an advance UV purification Protection LED, 24V DC SMPS Power Supply Is there and it is fully automated operated system. Service center Available in Cities, Town and Most of the Villages in India, through which customers experience can be enhanced.

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Weight9 kg
Dimensions50 x 20 x 40 cm


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