C4T RO+UV+UF Copper Technology Water Purifier


C4T RO+UV+UF Copper Technology Water Purifier

Presenting New Aqua Ultra RO+UV+UF+TDS CONTROLLER and along with copper minerals, In this segment this is the First water purifier in an affordable price, it is having 100 GPD heavy duty booster pump, imported 80 GPD RO MEMBRANE in it, 1100 IV carbon and it is consisting new technique LED UV system which give the performance for long time and consumes less electricity, ultra filtration with copper cartridge is the best product in it.

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Purification MethodRO + UV + UF + TDS Controller, With Copper Technology
Stage Of Purification Process14 Stage
Work Up to2000 TDS
Filtration Level95 To 98% TDS Removes
RO Membrane1812-80 GPD TFC Membrane Made In USA
Auto Shut OffFully Automatic water level sensor Auto-start/Auto-Off
Total Capacity Of Storage 14 Litre
FiltersPre-Filter, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UF, LED UV Chamber, RO Membrane, Copper Cartridge.
Booster Pump100 GPD Heavy duty
Type Of PurifierElectrical
Production / H15 LpH
Power Consumption230 V AC to 24 V DC 1.5 AMP
Preferred InstallationWall mount / Counter top


Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions50 x 20 x 40 cm


  • New UV LED Technology


The UV light will disinfect filter water at normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria Viruses and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with DNA and RNA in the organism’s reproductive cycles. It cause immediate death for organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce, Along with the alkaline technology the PH level of the water is balanced, Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level, make water taste better.


  • New Copper Cartridge


Copper has properties that help kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation within the stomach, making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Copper also helps cleanse and detox your stomach, regulates the working of your liver and kidneys, and proper elimination of waste and ensures the absorption of nutrients from food. “When water is stored in a copper Filter, the mineral gets leached into it. This copper leached in the water helps in breaking down of food particles in our and improves our digestion,” suggests Doctors.

3 reviews for C4T RO+UV+UF Copper Technology Water Purifier

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sweet and tasty water

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very Good Services and Water quality is very good…..and tasty

  3. 4 out of 5

    Item received on time.good performance and look is also very attractive.This is best item at this price.
    But the only thing is my RO membrane gets chocked in 10 days even they have mentioned in description that “it works upto 2000 tds”

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