UX2105 14 Stage RO UV UF Alkaline Water Purifier


UX2105 14 Stage RO UV UF Alkaline Water Purifier

Presenting  Aqua Ultra UX2105 Water Purifier with mineral booster and RO UV UF Alkaline  Auto TDS Controller.
The best in class water purifier to purify water from any resources like municipal water, borewell, tanker etc. The best combination of technology to produce pure & healthy water with sweet taste.

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  • Fully Automatic Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & free chlorine.
  • In case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing valve is recommended.
  • Flow rate varies with feed water pressure, TDS.

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Ultra Smart water purifier


Now you can get more purity in less price, In the UX2105 we have brought, the reliability  of purity, which has 100 GPD( this membrane Is used by standard ro manufacturer) membrane in, Its Works Up to 300TDS which gives 95% to 98% TDS removal. and It will be purifying water up to 15000 liters, with which 100 GPD  Booster Pump Gives 15 to 18 Liter water/h, it will use nominal 24v voltage.

Aqua Ultra antioxidant Alkaline RO filter, it purifies water from the toughest of impurities and maintains TDS without mixing pure and impure water. Instead, it persistently maintains natural minerals essential for human body. The purifier is automated to such levels that it has auto on and off system for filling water. Ergonomically designed, every detail carefully considered to enhance your experience. It supports purification of water of any kind and from most sources. Eliminates suspended impurities and dissolved impurities and also turns hard water of up to TDS 3000 ppm into soft and sweet water, maintaining essential minerals.

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions50 x 20 x 40 cm
Purification MethodRO + UV + UF + Alkaline + Auto TDS Control
Stage Of Purification Process14 Stage
Work Up to3000 TDS
Reject TDS95% to 98%
RO Membrane1812-100 GPD   (Made In USA)
Auto Shut OffFully Automatic water level sensor Auto-start/Auto-Off
Total Capacity Of Storage15 Liter
TankWater level Wide Indicator
FiltersPre-Filter, Anti scalan Iron Remover Ball, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, UF, UV, Ro membrane
Filter Life15000 Liter Or 1 Year
Booster Pump100 GPD Booster Pump
Type Of PurifierElectrical
UV Lamp11 Watt Philips UV Lamp In side
Purification15 to 18 Liter / Hour
Power consumption230 V Ac To 24 V DC 2.5 AMP
Preferred InstallationWall mount / Counter top


Period12 month manufacturer warranty( Covered Power supply and motor )
Box ContentsMain Unit, Pre-Filter, Pipe, User Manual, Warranty Card, Installation Kit.
Product DimensionLength: 56 CM.

Width: 24 CM

Height: 45 CM


  • Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level.
  • Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg to help metabolism
  • Contains smaller water cluster (51.497 HZ) that hydrates the body up to 3 times more effectively than normal water
  • Facilitates nutrients and mineral adsorptions efficiently
  • Promotes general well being by restoring and balancing the body
  • Improve the reducing power of water by removing harmful active oxygen (= free radicals )which causes cancer, diabetes, hypertension and etc.
  • make water taste better
  • Increases PH and lowers ORP ( Ref. ORP= Oxygen Reduction Potential)

3 reviews for UX2105 14 Stage RO UV UF Alkaline Water Purifier

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    After lot of study, i have choosen this model. This has a 7 stage filmax alkaline filter which makes the water alkaline. This is very important as the Ro output is acidic. The Performance of this purifier is great!!. it has filmax 100GPD low noise pump. My input TDS is around 270-300 and what i am getting as output is Just 20-21, which is great.. The water taste is also good. Initially you have to throw about 20 liters. The water taste increase as you use it more.i have been using this from about a month & i am extremmely happy. i am getting consistant 16-21 Tds. this has a vontron 75 gpd ro membrane.the flow rate is about 18 liter per hour. superb!!!. You wont get such a nice product at this price…

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Quality of water is best. I recommend every to buy this water purifier. Worth for money.

  3. 3 out of 5

    very nice product in low cost

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